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Tis the Season for Puppies

The "Mosshill" Puppies

We’ve named these pups after the Powerpuff girls, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. These adorable girls are now all ready for their forever homes!  If you are interested in adoption, please complete a non-binding adoption application.

Last year, when we were still working under Texas Animal Society we picked up seventeen animals from one property in Mosshill, near Cleveland. Eleven were puppies and a mama dog, the rest were kitties.

Apparently there is a problem again, one street over. These dogs  all appear to be inter related with the ones rescued earlier. Lone Star Animal Welfare League is covering spay for 3 adults on the property.  We will continue to work to break the cycle of unwanted litters in the community.

The "New Caney" Puppies

In collaboration with Lone Star Animal Welfare League we were helping one local family that have been taking in strays. They collected 9 dogs and could take no more. Yet when a mama dog walked onto their porch and gave birth, they sheltered the little family. Once the pups were weaned mama was put out into the front yard and just roamed the neighborhood. She kept coming back to the pups being kept on the porch and was fed but her life was lonely and she had no home.

We picked up the 6 puppies and mama. We have really squeezed this family in.

LSAWL provided all of the supplies for the adult dogs still there and will ensure they get spay/neutered. LSAWL has already committed to preliminary vetting and spaying mom.

These adorable puppies should be ready for forever homes in late January after getting all their puppy shots and spayed/neutered.

The "Ditch" Puppies

Late one night, we were asked to help out these 7 young puppies who were found, dumped in a ditch.  All alone, no mom to be found.  Where was mom?  We don't know.  We can only hope that these were all of the pups.

We are swimming in pups but, how could we refuse? We couldn’t. Our friend that was helping the finder is a cat foster/TNR/dog foster when she can. She jumped into action and delivered the pups to one of our team members.

All of these cuties are doing great in their foster homes and should be ready for adoption late January.

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